About COVID-19 in Sonoma County

State Issues Guidelines and Checklist for Hotels & Lodging Industry during COVID-19

Sonoma County has issued guidelines for its “Shelter in Place” Order for short-term rentals. We are authorized to lodge:

  •  Locals seeking to isolate from household member(s) with COVID-19

  •  Locals needing to isolate because of COVID-19

  •  Essential workers, government workers and medical professionals.


On May 7, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Cal/OSHA released their COVID-19 Industry Guidelines and Checklist for Hotels and Lodging establishments. The guide and checklist are intended to help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and ensure guest safety. 

Click HERE to access the State of California’s Guidance for Hotels & Lodging

Click HERE to access the General Checklist for Hotels and Lodging

Why Stay With Us During These Times

Short-term rentals are a safe place to stay. We understand that one's mental health is important and you may need a change of environment.  The ability to travel and recreate supports mental health as a stress reliever and a chance to recharge and lift our collective spirits.


Our short-term rentals are very different from hotels when it comes to the potential for virus exposure and opportunities for social distancing. They are completely separate structures with self check-ins and zero contact with the hosts. Short-term rentals are not open to the public and we are careful to verify those wishing to stay with us. At our short-term rental, there's no daily staff: no restaurant patrons, no venders delivering supplies, no reception workers, etc. 

Reopening to travel/tourism on a regional basis, to just those people already living in Sonoma County, is a safer and more controlled method to reopen.  Sonoma County has proven to have established safe and effective regional virus controls.  Allowing travel on a regional basis including nearby counties could be a first step as we adjust to our new reality.