Ashbury Designs has been in existence since 1997. I opened up shop on Ashbury street in San Francisco amidst the internet boom. I have been doing web design since 1995 and design in general since 1989. My expertise is in branding and user interface design. I received a BA in Asian Studies with Foreign Languages at Lewis & Clark College. The majority of my other classes were spent in the Art Department.

I have worked on a wide variety of identity packages and websites for retail, non-profits, communications, corporate, and gaming companies. For three and a half years I was the lead designer for Amazon International based in Seattle. I helped launch and maintain the Amazon Japan and Amazon Canada sites.  Through good design, the sites become translations of the identity of the corporation and/or of the customers using those sites. In some cases I worked with existing identity systems, others I developed for the client. Sites designed at Ashbury Designs focus on elegant, simple, and robust sites that will last for years.

Using an iterative process, I respond not only to your end-users, but also to what management and your stakeholders want for the future.  I bring in subcontractors whenever I need more expertise. Some of the goals clients have brought to me are; 

  •  Build a stronger brand, 

  •  Find a relevant voice in their industry 

  •  Give their image a facelift, 

  •  Improve the functionality of their site,

  •  All of the above 


In addition to the above, I can also help you with;

  •  Online and offline marketing (email campaigns, adwords, pop-up surveys, seo, flyers, ID systems, package inserts, package design).

  •  Localization project management (using third party vendors, machine learning, building corpora, testing and training, language specialist training)

  •  Data visualization (Tableau server admin and desktop training


Feel free to send me an email at mfinaly (at ) to discuss your project.